Design & Advocacy

Water for Water

The Water for Water campaign encourages people to take action at home.  By placing a brick in the tank of a modern home toilet, an individual can save 4,000 gallons of fresh water every year.


WellDone’s FutureBuilding platform provides a visual guide and a fundraising campaign creation tool to construct a well through component purchasing.  As a supporter, you can directly fund the components, link up with friends, and help build life-changing wells in the communities that need them.

WASHCost Calculator

WellDone created the WASHCost calculator in conjunction with IRC and the Gates Foundation to provide WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) project leaders, aid organizations, and individuals the ability to estimate the cost of sustaining water and sanitation projects around the world through an interactive, step-by-step tool.

WellDone Artist Series

The purpose of our artist series work is to allow artists to interpret the meaning water in their own way.  The tote bag was designed by our Icelandic friends of Marandros and the T-shirt was designed by local artist Tucker Nichols.

As part of a fundraising campaign, WellDone designed an award-winning “Water is Life” T-shirt.  The color of the droplets were used to visualize the tiny percentage of water on Earth that is usable by humans, highlighting the scarcity of the world’s most basic resource.