Remote Monitoring

The status quo is not sustainable

Less than 1% of all hand pumps are monitored, which leaves millions of wells unreported and likely unmaintained.  We need to know how this infrastructure is performing so we can respond to problems quickly and properly measure our progress.

MoMo (Mobile Monitor) is a custom-built sensor, which collects valuable hand pump information, including activity and performance metrics.  This information is used to improve the accountability in the developing world so we can keep hand pumps working longer.

How does it work?


Simply place MoMo inside any hand pump and perform pumping as per normal.  MoMo will log the activity of the hand pump and store performance metrics.


Use any smartphone to collect the data from MoMo.  Information will transmit from the sensor to your smartphone via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).


Unlock previously unknown data from hand pumps and draw insights from our visualization dashboard or integrate the data directly into your existing platform.  

Built to scale


MoMo is built tough to endure the most extreme conditions and works with nearly every hand pump model. Simply drop the data logger inside the hand pump, turn it on, and let MoMo do the work behind the scenes.The rugged design allows users to extract valuable data for years.


MoMo was built to transform every hand pump into an intelligent, modern water delivery system. Reach out to us to learn how you can get your hands on the most scalable remote monitoring system for your fleet of hand pumps.